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For Fights in Tight Spaces support, please join our Discord and post in the #support channel.

Xbox Game Preview Update 1.0.2 (version 0.14.4167)
  • Multiple starting decks to choose from

  • Big changes to the efficacy of defensive and counter cards

  • Maximum combo is now capped

  • You can increase Maximum Combo, Health, and Momentum via fight and events rewards

  • You can increase Maximum Health at medical facilities

  • Later attack cards strengthed

  • Several new cards and abilities

  • Cards are unlocked a little bit slower than previously

  • Stun can now be blocked, as can Injuries from tire iron-enemies and pistol gangsters

  • Some of the turn-count based objectives are a bit fairer now

  • Various bug fixes and improvements


PLEASE NOTE: Because of the big changes that have occured in this update, it may break your save data, please finish your existing run before updating 

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